Plasmon Enhanced Photonics



PLasmon EnhAnced PhotonicS

Next generation LED from OSRAM

A plasmon is the name given to photons that are trapped at the surface of metals and localized on the nanoscale. By controlling these plasmons, light can be channeled through otherwise opaque metal films. By careful design, the light can be filtered spectrally. It can be collected from across a large area and focused to tiny spots. In this project Plasmon effects are used to enhance photonic devices.

The project will have a strong impact on photodetectors used in applications ranging from portable phones to security leading to cheaper more powerful cameras and on greenhouse emissions by increasing energy efficiency LEDs used in general and automotive lighting, in projection systems and in backlights for LCD displays.

The consortium lead by CSEM SA, includes OSRAM OS a world leader in high performance LED design and manufacture, Sagem Defense Systems a key player in vision-based security and the leader academic players in plasmon application and theory: Université Louis Pasteur de Strasbourg I, Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, Universidad de Zaragoza, Queen’s University of Belfast, Technische Universität Dresden.


Project Coordinator: Ross Stanley
Centre Suisse d'Electronique et de Microtechnique CSEM S.A
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CH 2002 Neuchâtel

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