Plasmon Enhanced Photonics



Universidad Autonoma de Madrid


Campus de Cantoblanco, E28049 Madrid, Spain



The research undertaken by UAM will be conducted within the Condensed Matter Theory Group. This group has a long-standing experience in analyzing from a fundamental point of view the structural, electronic and electromagnetic properties of surfaces. The expertise of this group is based on techniques developed for a wide range of applications in solid state physics including analysis of various forms of microscopy (STM, BEEM, SNOM), interaction of atoms and molecules with surfaces, transport properties of mesoscopic systems that in the last eight years have been successfully applied to the study of photonic materials. The group lead by Dr. García-Vidal has specialized in the theoretical analysis of the transmission and localization of light in structured metal surfaces.


Description of resources

  • Computer cluster with 7 dual processors for numerical simulations.
  • 1 permanent researcher (F. J. Garcia-Vida)

  • 2 post-docs (Esteban Moreno & Juan Antonio Porto) 

  • 2 doctorate students

Publications and / or patents

Multiple paths to enhance optical transmission through a single subwavelength slit, by F.J. Garcia-Vidal, H.J. Lezec, T.W. Ebbesen and L. Martin-Moreno, Phys. Rev. Lett. 90, 167401 (2003).

Mimicking surface plasmons with structured surfaces, by J.B. Pendry, L. Martin-Moreno and F.J. Garcia-Vidal, Science 305, 847 (2004).

Transmission of light through a single rectangular hole, by F.J. Garcia-Vidal, E. Moreno, J.A. Porto and L. Martin-Moreno, Phys. Rev. Lett. 95, 103901 (2005).



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